Commentary from a valued CTS customer….

Glastonbury is fortunate to have three fully digital multimedia labs , grade 6, grades 7-8, and grades 9-12, which are in daily use by students as well as teacher professional development. Classes are assigned to the labs on a rotating basis and teachers take full advantage of the random pairing feature in order to give students opportunities for authentic communication.  These labs are also used for departmental assessments as well as level appropriate external testing.

Chip Howe provides regular professional development tailored to the staff at each building and comes annually for updated training.

The IT support at CTS, Justin Rice, is quick to respond to our needs. Owner Doug Rice is in regular communication with us and listens to our needs and requests and responds in a timely manner.

Rita A. Oleksak

Director of Foreign Languages/ELL

Glastonbury Public Schools

For more details on how Glastonbury uses their lab, follow this link –  SANS Language Learning Profile – Glastonbury CT Schools