Martine Fisher, Ph.D. Director of Languages, Milton Public Schools

CTS staff has been instrumental in the training of our teachers district-wide and this year’s implementation of the new digital collecting of data for the AP exams. CTS is always there for us and responds very quickly to all our questions and technical needs. Having CTS personnel check the lab a few weeks before the AP exams and work with our on-site technicians are important and useful steps.

Fantastic tech support before and on the day of the AP Exams. Knowledgeable technician helps in case of technical problems or surprises ( CTS is always here) 5. AP teachers need to be trained to be familiar with the process of collecting students’s recording.

It takes usually 25 minutes to have 20 students complete the speaking section of the AP exam. Easy process: fast and efficient. The presence in the lab and technical assistance of CTS personnel during the exams themselves helped considerably.

The software allows proctors to check every student’s recording before dismissing students from the lab. This year in particular – first year using the digital process in our school — sending recordings to the College Board was done in a few minutes.

July 24, 2017