Thank you/your staff for all the help. I purposely stopped by the schools to check everything out and you can’t believe the pride the school staff are showing with all their labs and equipment! They’re like proud parents so thanks to all of you!
– Stanley Staron, East Hartford Public Schools, East Hartford, CT


This workshop was PERFECT for me!  Before coming to the workshop, I was comfortable with only the basics.  I had many ideas but didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to teach the lessons in the lab.  At this point, I feel MUCH more confident in the lab setting and I know this will be noticed by my students.  I am extremely excited to apply my new knowledge in all of my lessons…starting tomorrow!!

– attendee’s comments after  a workshop presented in collaboration with CTS and Language Lab Training and Resources, Inc.  www.languagelabtraining.com  


Thank you for an excellent training session Chip!  We made a lot of progress!  Bob and Betsy and myself have been in the lab — we are exploring and reviewing the training.

-Leslie Travis, Monomoy Regional High School


I gained a wealth of information in anticipation of having the lab installed in January of 2014 at my high school.  Sandy is very helpful and has provided a great deal of information to me.

– attendee’s comments after  a workshop presented in collaboration with CTS and Language Lab Training and Resources, Inc.  www.languagelabtraining.com  


Hi Doug!
I wanted you to know that our French AP test went very smoothly! All systems worked as planned.

Chip went above the call of the duty; arriving in time for our AP test and staying until the very end- over four hours! The support and responses from sales, service and all of CTS are always so wonderful! We are very happy with our lab and especially with your company.  Just wanted to share that with you….Sony, SANS and CTS is the only way to go! Thanks so much for being such a great team!
– Karen Augenstern Foreign Language Coordinator Canton High School


Thanks for your follow up to the training. I was out at the school today and developed something from each of the modules we worked on. I just love this lab more and more everyday!! I will send along any questions that come up. I thought I had some today but when I reworked some of the applications I got everything to work flawlessly. Thanks for the lessons. I decided after four hours in the lab to come home and generate ideas for lessons to create next week. Again, thanks for the great training.
– Monson Schools, Monson, MA


Dear Justin, I just wanted to thank you again for your efficient service yesterday. I’m so glad you were able to swing by despite the late hour and show us how to resolve the problem we were having in time for our first classes to use the lab tomorrow. I greatly appreciate this attention to detail.
– Suzanne DeRobert, Newton Public Schools, Newton, MA


It looks like our 4-computer world language lab is ready for the AP testing sessions after a last minute request to you! Many thanks go to Jay, Justin, Doug, Chip, and all the folks at CTS. We are able to successfully record audio from student stations and collect the recordings via the teacher station. I am optomistic that everything should go fine for our three testing sessions.  Enjoy your day!

– David Moore, Wethersfield Public Schools, Wethersfield, CT


Dear Chip, I would like to thank you for coming out to Canton High School to train our world language teachers on the use of the SANS and SONY Virtuoso lab. You provided a great overview of the lab components for the seasoned and new department members. I look forward to scheduling at least two more dates with you for a couple of after school 1 hour training sessions in October and November. Thank you so much! The teachers are excited about using all the “new” features that they learned about! Thank you so much.
– Heidi Olson World Language Department Coordinator Canton High School